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Hall of Really Good #7: Will Clark

That’s Rafael Palmeiro talking about his old college teammate, the Thriller. You don’t have to dig very deep to discover that Will Clark was a massive asshole. And I don’t mean the typical Gym Class Hero that is a Jim Harbaugh type. Go ahead. Google it. Deadspin’s done a pretty solid job bringing some of these stories to light. Whether it was a Padres bat boy being called a faggot by the All-Star, or Jeff Perlman being given shit twice because he wrote an article about how big of an asshole John Rocker was by using the devilishly underhanded tactic of quoting the shit he said in an interview. There are a lot of stories about what kind of a douchebag this guy was.


But this hall does not stand behind a bullshit character clause. Yes, we just put Luis Sojo through entirely based on how happy he seemed all the time, but that does not mean that we’re going to ignore a player with this kind of a swing

That’s a pretty smooth stroke. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I did not know that Will Clark was an asshole. I knew he was really good. For whatever reason I thought of him as a pure contact hitter, but looking back the guy had a decent amount of power when he first broke into the league. Especially when you consider that 30 home runs was more than respectable juuuust before steroids really took hold of the game, and even more so when you realize how hard it was to hit one out of Candlestick. And he homered off Nolan Ryan on his first major league at bat. I don’t have the video, but here’s a picture of him looking crazy.


That’s pretty cool. I’m assuming Nolan broke his ribs in his 2nd at bat, but still, probably worth it.

Will kicked the Cubs ass in ’89, and really was one of the game’s best for a few years there.

Then of course he hit free agency. His old teammate Raffy claims he had a hairbrained scheme where one of them, I forget which, would sign first and set the market, and blah, blah, blah. Essentially the Rangers offered him 5 years for $30M, Raffy insisted on $35, the Rangers signed Will Clark and Raffy signed in Baltimore for $27M. Savvy move, dipshit. I’m actually glad Will clowned you.

For whatever reason I thought that Texas got the better end of those signings, but under close examination it appears that Raffy probably had the better five year stretch. Then they switched teams, and at the time I had another laugh, figuring Will made poor Raffy move again, but it looks like Palmeiro signed his deal first, and my memory is useless.


Looking back, Will (who I refuse to call ‘Will the Thrill’ because I think it’s a stupid name) seems like a forgotten guy. I guess I assumed as a kid that he was definitely going to make that other hall, but looking back now, the numbers don’t really back that up. He only surpassed a 5 WAR twice, and he didn’t have much power later on in his career, but I don’t think we should just completely forget about him. And because we don’t live in a world of black and white, there are some genuinely cool things about Will’s career. The man did not overstay his welcome. He got traded to St. Louis and hit 12 homers in 51 games. He could have hung around and played for a few more years. But he had a kid with autism and stepped away from the game he loved to be a family man. That’s actually pretty damn respectable.

People should remember Will Clark, so the Hall of Really Good is happy to induct him. More so, because he’d probably have an aneurysm if he ever found out he got in after Luis Sojo. Will, you were really good.


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