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Hall of Really Good #8: Fred McGriff

[Memorable Quote Not Found]

The HORG has gone missing for a few weeks. See the problem here is that we at the Hall of Really Good want to tell a story about the players who the Bag of Dicks Hall in Cooperstown have snubbed for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a moral code or a snobbery based on who they thought was NOT ELITE. We take it as a point of pride that those players who still had marvelous careers will get their day, and provide a spot for people to say, “Oh yeah, that guy was really good.”


So when a player such as Fred McGriff-The Crime Dog himself, comes up, I want to do right buy the guy. I could just give you a couple of clips of that sweet stroke.

But that’s not enough, is it? You want some story behind the player, right?

Well here’s the problem. I don’t remember anything particularly interesting about the man. Yes, he brought the city of Atlanta their only championship, which I’m sure Falcon fans are well aware of right now. But what do you actually remember of the guy.

It’s the commercial, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

Was Fred McGriff even a good defensive player? I don’t remember seeing anything but homers on Sports Center, and I don’t see any web gems lying around on YouTube. His fielding percentage was .992 which is really good, but he played first base.


Google interesting facts about Fred McGriff. Or famous quotes. The guy was a major league player for 18 years, and other than that clip, do you even remember what his voice sounded like.

In close to twenty years of answering questions from the media, his most famous quote is either “I’m so impressed with the instructional videos by coach Tom Emanski that I’ve given them my full endorsement” or what I can only guess is something like, “I’m heading down to the Winn Dixie for a sandwich. Anybody need anything?”


Seriously all I remember is that he was good at hitting home runs, and that he wore his hat like a goober.


It looks like somebody cut off the side and back brim on Abe Lincoln’s stovepipe and slapped on an A logo.

People liked to think that maybe if he hung on for seven more home runs, the guy might have made the other hall. Maybe he was just buried under all the steroid guys who made his home runs look that much less impressive. Maybe the guy just got railroaded.


Maybe. Or maybe he was just too boring for anybody to really care about. Even the Crime Dog nickname just a play on McGruff, a dog that told kids to go to the police. Even that Braves team is known for their trifecta of all time great pitchers, with the position players being relegated to the status of footnote.

Honestly the most interesting thing I discovered while looking for Fred McGriff facts was whatever the hell this is:


It’s a site that lets you, the jabroni, vote on his attractiveness, his sexuality, and whether or not he does drugs, and I cannot believe I have never heard about it before. Great work, weird internet.


But Fred McGriff was a hell of a baseball player.

So, I, um...I got nothing. Look, we’re reaching “Substitute teacher puts on movie to run out the clock territory here.”

I know he was really good. I remember being a kid and thinking that I’d love to have him on my team. But I’ll be damned if I can actually remember much about the man. If anybody has any anecdotes, go right ahead. Because damn it, we should remember this guy.

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