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The Hall Of Really Good

Hall of Really Good #9: Manny Ramirez

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Manny Ramirez. Manram. Manny being Manny. There’s no way around it, the guy was a legendary hitter. He’s known for a lot of things today. A 17 year career. His goofy persona. Less than stellar glove work. Sure, there was the PED thing, but let’s face it, the man was a hitting savant. Too good for the reputation he’s been given, in fact. Behind that goofy smile and those long, unkempt dreadlocks, lay one of the fiercest hitters of his era. A man who could seemingly read a pitchers mind and devastate his opponent. So with no snark, let’s take a look at what I’ve deemed his 10 greatest highlights after a lazy, but comprehensive search on youtube. These are in no particular order, but they are, without a doubt, his greatest hits.


1.) His first (two) homeruns.

Ha. Look at this fresh faced kid. So cute. Came in my beloved Yankee Stadium. Would not be the first home runs he hit there, believe me. Two homers in his second career start. Not bad. And I know I said I wasn’t going to clown the guy, but watch this goofball try to round the bases on a ground rule double. Heh. Manny, you are delighful.


2) Two Dingers in the ALCS

Those asshole Mariners had just ended Don Mattingly’s career. God I hated them so much. Let’s watch Manny wreck their shit and call it a day.


3) His first World Series Home Run

Manny made his debut in ‘93 as a late season call up. It wouldn’t take him very long before he was hitting bombs on the biggest stage in the game. Look at the mean mug on the replay as he watches it sail out. Better luck next time, mullet.


4) A 2 dinger game at Fenway

Now we get to the meat of his career. Manny slapping home runs in classic ballparks like Fenway. Look at this display where he sent the faithful home disappointed, but undoubtedly impressed. Memorable.


5) His first Dodgers Homer

After bouncing around for a bit, Manny arrived in what has to be considered his spiritual home of Mannywood. I know I’ll always think about him wearing #99 and tattooing balls to the dulcet tones of Vin Scully. Lost opportunity not having them share an apartment in a sitcom. There’s still time, Hollywood.


6) Manny bashes the Cubs in the playoffs

There’s no getting around it. When the lights were brightest, Manny came to shine. Here he is blasting the Cubs in the Divisional round of the playoffs. I believe that was their last playoff series win as the Dodgers appear to have gone 0-754 in playoff games ever since.


7) Manny’s Final MLB Home Run

Of course all careers wind down eventually. A lot of people don’t remember this, but the man was also a member of the Sox. Here he is hitting #555 with the south side Green Sox.


8) Manny’s Final MLB Hit

Make no mistake. The man would not end his career with the White Sox. Manny spent another spring being Manny, this time with the Tampa Bay Rays, where he played something like 5 games. They were not great, but here’s his last flash of glory at the highest level of play. Bravo, Manram.


Of course he did play for one other team. Maybe I’m biased. Whatever. Look, I’ll admit that it should make the top ten, so let me just put it in at #9 and be done with it.


Let’s get this over with.

9) One more Home Run

Yeah, I don’t think you can properly talk about Manny without discussing his stint with the EDA Rhinos. It’s not the way I like to think of baseball greats ending their careers, but damn if it isn’t fun listening to that announcer. I don’t know man. I just don’t want to end it with something so undignified.


Can we post one goofy video? Oh, I’m in charge of this and can do whatever I damn well feel like? Even if it contradicts my earlier statement that we were going to be super serious? Cool.

10) Moonwalking

Heh. You do you, Manram.

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